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Who We Are





Lindeken Farms was started in 1949 by farmer Jim Stanlick and his wife Dot. The name - erroneously thought to be their last name - was derived from the couple's first two children, Linda and Ken. With produce offerings of little more than sweet corn, tomatoes, and squash, they built their business "from the field up" until their oldest son, Ken (half of the namesake), became partners with his father in 1971. It was then they added annual bedding vegetable plants and flowers and the much sought-after Mother’s Day hanging baskets. In 2003, sole ownership passed to Ken and his wife, Nancy.


In a time of dwindling farmland and less and less farmers in general, Lindeken Farms was a fixture in the Berkshire Valley section of Jefferson Township. Lines often formed outside on a weekend morning just waiting for the doors to open. It became the summer job to have and was like a family. Both of Ken and Nancy's daughters and two of their three grandchildren worked there, not to mention so many others who still keep in touch with the family today. 


When Ken decided to hang up his straw hat at the end of the season in 2017, he knew he wanted Lindeken Farms to live on. He was thrilled when two young couples with lofty aspirations in the farming industry stepped up to show interest. Ken is proud to pass the torch to the next generation of farmers and is thrilled for the expanded offerings and emphasis on local growers Joe, Tom, and their wives are bringing to the store. 

















Our Growing Practices

Know your Farmer. Know Your Food-- that's our mantra. We are proud to offer our customers local, fresh produce that is delicious and nutritious. We are committed to sustainability and responsible growing habits.

We practice natural and organic methods of soil conservation, weed control, moisture retention and pest management.


Tom Moke is the current farmer and operator at Lindeken Farms. He has many years of experience as a farmer growing grain and a variety of products. He's worked closely with Harvey at Ort Farms in the past, and Harvey has helped him expand his business over the years.  Tom has a passion for agriculture and enjoys spending his time in the field. Tom is excited to continue the Lindeken Farm tradition and to bring quality, delicious produce to his customers.

Original Sign

Original sign for the first store.

Original Store

The first store, just a few tables and some scales.

Family Business

Ken’s grandson, Jack, hoping to work at the store some day

Ken and Grandson

Ken Stanlick and his oldest grandson, James


Kens oldest grandchild and only granddaughter, Maddy.

Jim Stanlick

Founder of Lindeken Farms, Jim Stanlick.


The greenhouse is in full swing for the spring months.

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